Xtream Codes is a popular IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) management platform that enables IPTV providers to manage their streams and customers. This API is a key component of the platform that allows developers to create custom applications that interact with the platform. In this article, we will explore how to use the Xtream Codes in IPTV applications.

What is the Xtream Codes API ?

The Xtream Codes API is a RESTful API that allows developers to interact with the IPTV platform. It provides a standardized interface that developers can use to create custom IPTV applications that interact with the platform. The API supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols and uses JSON for data exchange.

How to watch IPTV using Xtream Codes :

1. Obtain an IPTV subscription : You need to subscribe to an IPTV service that uses Xtream Codes like our service click on this LINK to order your IPTV account . (You can find various IPTV providers online that offer IPTV subscriptions with Xtream Codes if you don’t want to use our IPTV service).

2. Get the necessary credentials : Once you have subscribed to an IPTV service, you will receive a username, password, and URL that you need to use to access the service.

(It will look something like this)


3. Install an IPTV player : You will need an IPTV player to watching IPTV . There are many IPTV players available on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. Some popular IPTV players include IPTV Smarters, Tivimate… you choose which ever one you like. On this tutorial we will be using the Tivimate app (Click on this LINK for a tutorial on how to install the Tivimate app on Firestick or Android)

4. After following the tutorial that we provided and installing the Tivimate app, open the Tivimate app and you will be greeted with the following screen click on Add playlist .


5. 3 Options will pop up M3U playlist , Xtream Codes , Stalker Portal , choose Códigos Xtream.


6. Add the login details to the IPTV player: You will need to add the login details such as username, password, and URL to the IPTV player provided to you by your IPTV provider.

The process of adding the details varies depending on the IPTV player. Generally, you need to go to the IPTV player’s settings or preferences and find the option to add a new playlist or Xtream Codes account. You can then enter the details provided by your IPTV service provider, for the Tivimate app you need to fill out three blank fields with the info provider from your IPTV provider on the Server address field put the URL and on the Username and Password just copy and past the Username and Password from the info provided by your IPTV provider and click Next.


7. After that the IPTV playlist will start uploading.


8. Access the channels: Once you have added the login details to the IPTV player, you can access the IPTV channels. You should see a list of channels provided by the IPTV service. You can select a channel to start watching.



The Xtream Codes API is a powerful tool for IPTV developers who want to create custom applications that interact with the Xtream Codes platform. With the API, developers can create innovative IPTV applications that meet the needs of their users. By understanding how to use the API for IPTV, developers can create powerful applications that enhance the IPTV experience for users.

In conclusion, watching IPTV using Xtream Codes is a simple process that requires an IPTV subscription, an IPTV player, and the necessary credentials to access the service. By following the above steps, you can start watching IPTV channels on your preferred device.